Thank You Guys

I, Sir Tachyon, am quite thankful for all the support that I’ve been getting this month of March. You have all been supportive of the new page Decipher This and for the official release of Chapter 1 of Realm of Tachyon “A New” I appreciate all of you that come on regularly and check the website for new things, and thankful for those who have just found this place for the first time. All of you will be great in this life for the kind things that you do, but of course there are some of you who disliked the website on the spot. That’s okay though for if you don’t like it you don’t have to, I will appreciate the fact that at least you gave it a second of your time. Thank you all again and enjoy the rest of your time here, both on the website and in life.

 just be kind like I know humanity can be.


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