New Year Plans

Hello everyone, I’ve been working hard to catch up with the plan that I wanted to start up before the year ended, but ended up getting caught up by the holidays. Now with what’s happened so far being the second card pack of Elementist Tcg releasing, The third episode of Elementist coming out, and now the seventh and final chapter of the first arc of Realm of Tachyon. A new member has joined the Tachyon Art team, an will start to produce new art work for Elementist Tcg as well as I will have more time to make concept art for Realm of Tachyon. With the new changes, things might just work out well, and hopefully I will be able to start selling the first actual product of Elementist, being the first structure decks. They will be out probably sometime around late March to early April, and the estimates for the pricing will be released soon. For now though, keep on the look out, and there will be new ciphers in Decipher This coming very soon. Tachyon Art will be up with the stars some day, but that will be all for now, and I hope you’re all doing great.

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