About Tachyon


     I am Sir Tachyon like it was mentioned in the home page, and Some of the many things I do is create logos for people, make T-shirt designs, and make many works of art in the programs Photoshop and Adobe Illustrators. All the many things I make are in the Gallery and on the Blog Page. of the reasons I wanted to start the art of graphic design is because I wanted to produce art that will be used by many so that I’m Remembered. 

   This will be one of many of the beautiful works of art on this place of evolution. I try to my making works of the future with new ideas that will be worth your wild to see. To see some of this check out The Possible Coming of the Future. I also do rustic and natural  designs which can be found in The Unity of Humans.


   This website will also tell the tale of Tachyon and how Humanity is different from a Foreigner’s viewpoint. So now its time for you to explore the Realm of Tachyon. This will be the beginning with the help of you.