Decipher This

Here is where you can test you skill in some of the most confusing encryption that you will see. Let’s start with this simple one:

K cp Ukt Vcejaqp, vjku yknn dg hwp.”

Ready for more I hope. I have been excited for this, so here comes another:

Szev blf yvvm ollprmt rm gsv elrw qfhg gl urmw srn, dvoo tllw qly gsvm uli blf szev ulfmw NV.”

Lets see if you can handle this

(9) (8-1-22-5) (19-5-5-14) (20-8-1-20) (25-15-21) (20-1-11-5)

(9-14-20-5-18-5-19-20) (9-14) (13-25) (5-24-9-19-20-5-14-3-5),

(2-21-20) (9) (3-1-14) (15-14-12-25) (2-5) (6-15-18)

(19-8-15-18-20) (16-5-18-9-15-4-19) (1-20) (1) (20-9-13-5).

I can see you have been doing well for a little bit, but let us see if you can handle 2 different ciphers at once

K’x(5) p(5)x(5)t (5)zr(5)ev(5)f vj(1)v a(15)w y(15)wnf vjk(19) j(1)tf h(15)t (1) d(5)kpi vj(1)v e(1)p h(5)(5)n p(15)vjkpi. K j(1)x(5) (1)nt(5)(1)fa fk(19)(1)rr(5)(1)t(5)f.

Can you get this

Jv jxhvv li zkb vlr’ob khuh fp suredeob ofdew ehlqj qexe brx txkq Ylfqrudqldq’v ptloa edfn, yrq wkdw fp pb tbxmlk qrz; jv wurskb.

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