Decipher This

Decipher this is the page to have some fun with finding little clues about many of the projects that happen here on Tachyon Art. It might give you clues to many different plot points for many of the stories I work on, as well as general updates that will give you a sneak peak at some of the up coming content. It is also just for fun sometimes, so I hope you all enjoy.



Here is where you can test you skill in some of the most confusing encryption that you will see. Let’s start with this simple one:

K cp Ukt Vcejaqp, vjku yknn dg hwp.”

Ready for more I hope. I have been excited for this, so here comes another:

Szev blf yvvm ollprmt rm gsv elrw qfhg gl urmw srn, dvoo tllw qly gsvm uli blf szev ulfmw NV.”

Lets see if you can handle this

(9) (8-1-22-5) (19-5-5-14) (20-8-1-20) (25-15-21) (20-1-11-5)

(9-14-20-5-18-5-19-20) (9-14) (13-25) (5-24-9-19-20-5-14-3-5),

(2-21-20) (9) (3-1-14) (15-14-12-25) (2-5) (6-15-18)

(19-8-15-18-20) (16-5-18-9-15-4-19) (1-20) (1) (20-9-13-5).

I can see you have been doing well for a little bit, but let us see if you can handle 2 different ciphers at once

K’x(5) p(5)x(5)t (5)zr(5)ev(5)f vj(1)v a(15)w y(15)wnf vjk(19) j(1)tf h(15)t (1) d(5)kpi vj(1)v e(1)p h(5)(5)n p(15)vjkpi. K j(1)x(5) (1)nt(5)(1)fa fk(19)(1)rr(5)(1)t(5)f.

Can you get this

Jv jxhvv li zkb vlr’ob khuh fp suredeob ofdew ehlqj qexe brx txkq Ylfqrudqldq’v ptloa edfn, yrq wkdw fp pb tbxmlk qrz; jv wurskb.