Tachyon Services

I have made CD covers for movies for many. With the use of photoshop and illustrator I have made some really good designs like the one below. CD covers are one of the many things I specialize in because of the fact that I know music and movies well enough to the point that I can interpret what it means  and that helps me create the covers.saumureper4voriscdfront

I also create many logos like my own on the home page, and the one below.  Logos are my speciality and I can make them quietly with the right information from the customer. My abilities with photoshop and illustrator allows me to create many beautiful logos for future companies and businesses.


One of the most fun and creative things I do as a Graphic Designer is to make T-shirt designs. This is great thing I do is because I can make simple yet fantastic designs. The Idea is that the design is understood in less than 3 seconds. That is why I like because it is so simple.